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Several years ago, Micah heard a story that would change his career forever. The project was a documentary about Italian-American Immigration circa 1905. It so intrigued Micah that he jumped at the chance when he was offered the opportunity to become involved in the production. Just a few weeks later Micah embarked on an adventure that would take him halfway around the world. Micah hopped on a plane to Italy and followed writer/director Joshua Sammataro, and his grandfather, the subject of the film – around Rome and all of Sicily, filming the entire trip about immigration.This eye-opening experience further prompted Micah to pursue his interest in film. Since then he has produced over a dozen commercials and music videos. Micah’s most recent credits include Associate Producer for episodes of the Hawaiian state television program “Kama’aina Backroads” as well as Producer for the ABC/Disney short film Rez Runner. At present, 2009, Micah is living in Spain and is completing his second master’s in producing, marketing, and distribution of Film Sales at ESCAC (University of Barcelona). This is Micah’s directorial debut of a feature film. Wetter: Robbery of the Heart: is slated for release on November 2013.

Robbery Of The Heart Trailer

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